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      Lytess and Sigma Beauty brand Distribütörüyüz of Turkey. Turkey sales operations, brands we manage channel management and marketing activities.

      The French company, the creator of dermotextile, is the leader in its field in the world. Innovative product combines textile and cosmetics, has anti cellulite and thinner effect.

      It is one of America’s most prestigious makeup accessory brands. Produces brushes with innovative and patented designs.

      Brand Development and Distribution Services

      We support our business partners with projects that will create synergy for sales development and marketing needs. With the different business model we offer, we reduce the investment cost of the sales and marketing activities of brands and help them reach more customers.

      We provide all the sales channels through strong technological infrastructure and services to end-customers in Turkey. We reduce the workload of the brands by providing a seamless and fast supply with the stock management system and expert sales support team.

      Our Business Partners

      Sales Development & Distribution

      With our active sales network in Pharmacy, Cosmetics Stores and E-commerce channel, you can position your brand at the right points and increase your market share.




      Stores (Offline)
      Pharmacies, Cosmetics Shops

      Web Stores (Online) – Turkey’s Largest Cosmetic Boutique is
      Product Range The Largest Cosmetic Site: Over 450 Brands – 12,000 different products

      Visitors: 200,000 monthly views Views: 100,000
      Demography: 95% Female, 17 – 35 years, A-C Segment,

        40.000 Follower

        8.673 Follower