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  • About Us
    • The foundation of Cevkoz Companies was laid in 1979. Investments in Cosmetics, Health, IT and Construction Sector.

      Cevher Pharmacy was founded in 1979 by Ahmet Cevheroglu. in 26,000 pharmacies in Turkey, on the basis of turnover it is one of Turkey’s largest 100 pharmacies. Our pharmacy, which is established on an area of ​​200 m2, serves 500 patients per day with a team of 15 people.

      Cevher Cosmetics Inc. was established in 2010. Sales and marketing services in the cosmetics sector. With a wide range of products and competitive prices it is one of Turkey’s largest cosmetics suppliers. With its strong technological infrastructure based on performance and faultlessness, it provides world class storage and supply chain management. was founded with the vision to become Turkey’s Largest Cosmetic ecommerce site in 2013. As the e-commerce site offering the widest product range of cosmetics vertical in Turkey, the industry has brought a lot of innovation. In Çamlıca Operation Center, 500 brands, 12.000 different products and 200.000 pieces of stock are offered for sale on the same day. continues its activities with 100% domestic and its own capital.

  • Our History
    • CEVKOZ Group Inc., in various provinces of Turkey since 1950 and have done business in many sectors and countries has emerged as a result of the accumulation of our great value family fold.

      • 1950 – Salih Sayar started trading in Yozgat, he served in Ford Dealership in 1959 and in 1973 at Tofaş. He was one of the biggest business partners of the Koç Group in Anatolia.
      • 1979 – Cevher Pharmacy was established in Yozgat
      • 1984 – Cevher Pharmacy moved to Istanbul in 1984
      • 1986 – Pharmaceutical Warehouse Founded
      • 2010 – Cevher Health was Established
      • 2013 – Opening
      • 2014 – Sigma Distributorship
      • 2014 – Lytess Distributorship
      • 2015 – Cevher Group Construction Project Has Started
  • Our Values and Principles
    • CEVKOZ Group Inc., in various provinces of Turkey since 1950 and have done business in many sectors and countries has been established as a result of the accumulation of our great value family fold. We aim to achieve high success by adding value to our customers and business partners in the sectors where we do business.

      In our companies, we take the world standards in service quality and business sense. Our team is our most important value. We give priority to human and spiritual values. There is no yok I yok in our team, WE are.

      Our greatest passion is to serve our country, our state and our people.

      The greatest legacy our ancestors left to us is a reputation. In the changing world and market conditions, we maintain our business with the principle of honesty, transparency and diligence, which are our constant values as in the first days of its establishment.

  • Our Goals
    • Our mission is to represent our group both in domestic and foreign markets by adding value to our customers and our country in the sectors we invest, and to be the leader and innovative products in the category.

      CEVKOZ Group, taking its power from Anatolia, works to create a Cosmetic Brand that will represent our country in the international arena.

  • Board of Directors
    • CEVKOZ Group is a corporate family company where the partners of the company actively work shoulder to shoulder in the field.

      Ahmet Cevheroğlu: Chairman of the Honorary Board, Pharmacist – Graduated in 1976. He started his career with Cevher Pharmacy in Yozgat. Pharmacy moved to Istanbul in 1985 and laid the foundation of Turkey’s leading Health and Beauty Group.

      Burak Cevheroğlu: Managing Partner, Purchasing, Finance and Supply Chain Director, Yeditepe University Interior Architecture 2012

      Emre Cevheroğlu: Managing Partner, graduated from Koç University, Department of Economics in 1999. Business Development, Marketing and IT Director

      Staff: Consists of 6 managers and 50 staff.